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How to create a new YetiShare Theme

How to create a new YetiShare Theme

1) Create a new directory named your theme in /themes/. Lowercase alphanumeric and underscores only. i.e.


2) Copy the contents of /themes/flow/ into /themes/yourtheme/

3) In /themes/yourtheme/ replace the parameters:

$themeConfig['theme_name'] = 'Flow YetiShare Theme'; // the name of the theme
$themeConfig['folder_name'] = 'flow'; // the folder name you just created
$themeConfig['theme_description'] = 'Bootstrap YetiShare theme included with v4.0+'; // theme description shown in the admin area
$themeConfig['author_name'] = 'YetiShare'; // your name
$themeConfig['author_website'] = ''; // support site if you're selling the theme

4) Rename /themes/yourtheme/themeFlow.class.php to /themes/yourtheme/themeNewtheme.class.php, ensuring you make the first letter of the theme name uppercase and the rest lowercase.

5) Open /themes/yourtheme/themeNewtheme.class.php and change line 3 from:

class themeFlow extends Theme

class themeNewtheme extends Theme

6) You should now be able to enable the theme via your script admin area. The admin area thumbnail can be found in: