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Setup Additional Local Storage Server

This guide explains the process for setting up an additional local storage server, using an alternative path to /files/.

  • Mount your new local storage point on your server, for example /mnt/drive1
  • Create a symlink from the script /files/ folder to your new drive. i.e:
    • ln -s /mnt/drive1 /home/admin/yoursite/public_html/files/drive1
  • Ensure the new storage path has write permissions.
  • Then in the admin area, file server settings, add a new local server. Set the path as files/drive1/. (this path should always be relative to the script, the forward slashes are also important)
  • Ensure you've set the server as active via the site settings.


If you're having issues uploading files, ensure you don't have open_basedir enabled via php.ini and/or have the new path included.